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In today's healthcare industry, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) play a crucial role in shaping the opinions of their peers and influencing the decisions of patients. Identifying and engaging with KOLs is essential for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to stay ahead of the competition. However, finding the right KOLs can be a daunting task, especially in the digital age where healthcare influencers are increasingly active on social media platforms like Twitter.This is where KOL Pulse comes in.

KOL Pulse AI
Create a Digital Profile on Each KOL and Monitor their relationships with the competition
evaluate KOL Reach and engagement
Save KOL Tweets

KOL Pulse is an innovative application that supports the identification of Key Opinion Leaders in Healthcare and the curation and analysis of their conversations on Twitter, now known as X. The application allows users to curate a digital profile on a doctor, associates them with their medical institutions, and evaluate their conflicts of interest via open payments data set from the CMS. KOL Pulse has a Google Chrome extension that serves as an overlay on Twitter, allowing users to highlight a Twitter profile name to get a quick view of their digital profile as well as the conflicts of interest across pharma, med device, or biotech companies. The Google Chrome extension may also be used to curate web content to a physician's profile or tag it to a medical topic or medical conference.

One of the most exciting features of KOL Pulse is the ability to create a page to evaluate the engagement and impressions of Key Opinion Leaders at medical conferences. Users can also evaluate the iTwitter impressions achieved by major topics and companies at these medical conferences. This feature is particularly useful for pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to stay ahead of the competition by identifying emerging trends and key players in the industry. KOL Pulse is an excellent tool for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Medical Affairs professionals looking to identify and engage with Key Opinion Leaders in a compliant and efficient manner. The right tools can help MSLs be both compliant and efficient in their daily workflows. KOL Pulse provides the right evidence-based insights that reveal not only HCPs, their work, and their professional background,  but also their spheres of influence and digital reach. In conclusion, KOL Pulse is the ultimate tool for identifying and analyzing Key Opinion Leaders in Healthcare. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, KOL Pulse is a must-have for pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to stay ahead of the competition. The application's ability to curate a digital profile on a doctor, evaluate their conflicts of interest, and analyze their conversations on Twitter makes it an indispensable tool for Marketers, Medical Science Liaisons and Medical Affairs professionals.