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The Digital KOLs of #ASH23

digital kol ash23

The American Society of Hematology’s annual meeting brings together the best minds in blood disease and cancer research. On X, formerly Twitter, a vanguard of key opinion leaders provided incisive real-time commentary on the flood of research unveiled at #ASH23. Here’s an inside look at the top tweet performers and their insightful takes on the headline data.

Aaron Goodman, MD (@AaronGoodman33) With over 1M impressions, Dr. Goodman cemented his standing as the social media mayor of #ASH23. He shared local Taco suggestions, highlighted the work of his colleagues, played some music, and shared his clinical perspective on the Breaking Data.

Amer Zeidan, MBBS (@Dr_AmerZeidan) Pulling in a sizable impressions, Dr. Zeidan leveraged his platform by frequently retweeting his colleagues and sharing his personal connections at ASH23. He also set a great example of collaboration by sharing the presentations from other researchers from Yale, as well as  presentations from his colleagues from around the world. He also used X to get feedback from his peers on top MDS and AML data from ASH23.


Dr. Eddie Cliff (@Eddie_Cliff) With tweet impressions over 27,000, Dr. Eddie Cliff was a prime mover of #ASH23 social media buzz. He rapidly relayed salient details of clinical trials, accruing likes and retweets among the #ASH23 community. Occasionally skeptical of clinical trial data, he engages well with his peers on X, frequently highlighting their important work. 


Robert Brodsky, MD (@DocsDock200) ASH23 President Dr. Brodsky displayed his leadership by recognizing his colleagues on X during #ASH23. His tweet on Adetelo Kassim's presentation on curative therapy for sickle cell disease earned nearly 4K impressions. He also highlighted Dr. Katy Rezvani's lecture honoring E Donnall Thomas, in a tweet with over 30K views!

Anas Younes, MD (@DrAnasYounes) With over 15K impressions, Dr. Younes provided his perspectives on preparation for the #ASH23 meeting. The former Chief of Lymphoma at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and current SVP of AstraZeneca has a very strong following at #ASH23 and generates impressive engagement within the hematology community. He also keeps his X account social, sharing beautiful photos as well as professional perspectives.

Andrew Evens, DO (@DrAEvens)Dr. Evens' #ASH23 presentation on older patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma was recognized as a highlight by his colleagues. Whether he's attending a leadership meeting with Big 10 cancer centers, or engaging with the Hematology Podcast Community, Dr. Evens is a true connector in the #ASH23 community. He also shares his  clinical perspectives with colleagues on X. 

Liz Brem, MD (@DrLizBrem) A rising star in the #ASH23 X sphere, Dr. Brem had multiple trending posts sharing her thoughts on the Perseus Trial, highlighting the ctDNA presentation by her colleague Dr. Brian Sworder at UC Irvine Health, and sharing data from the ASH presentation by Dr. Brammer of Ohio State.

Teresa Miceli, RN (@IMFnurseMyeloma) Mayo Associate, Asst Prof, and Myeloma Research Nurse Navigator was a great source of information during the #ASH23 conference. She shares a high volume of data rich slides from the key presentations well organized by Twitter Threads.

Dr. Manni Mohyuddin (@ManniMD1) Assistant Professor at Huntsman Cancer Institute with a focus on Myeloma, he's a very popular member of the #ASH23 community and also expresses a high degree of skepticism with regards to Pharma Clinical trials. His tweets generate a high engagement rate across his specialty, and he often engages with other digital KOLs such as Dr. Vinay Prasad and Dr. Aaron Goodman. His tweet about How to Treat Myeloma after #ASH23 generated almost 40K Impressions!


Dr. Raul Banerjee (@rahulBanerjeeMD) Assistant Professor @UWMedicine and @FredHutch is a very engaging member of the #ASH23 and also is a myeloma specialist. He is a very social and collaborative digital KOL, sharing selfies with other physicians (usually wearing his signature bright shirts!), engaging in their tweet threads, and retweeting their content.  He published an extensive series of tweets to help prepare his peers with his #ASH23 Top Abstracts and also shared a Tweet Thread about time toxicity in hematology. 

Dr. Gurbakhash Kaur (@GKaurMD) A Multiple Myeloma specialist from UTSW, Dr. Kaur is another rising star in the #ASH23 digital community. She shared a fun selfie thread with the other experts that she met at the #ASH23 meeting. Dr. Kaur also does a great job retweeting her colleagues' content from the meeting, and sharing data from her colleagues' presentations. With her collaborative and friendly style, and the well organized tweet threads, Dr. Kaur's online influence should increase among her peers.

Joshua Richter, MD (@JoshuaRichterMD) From Mount Sinai in NYC, Dr. Richter brings a collegial spirit to his tweets, sharing "game changer potential" data, highlighting his colleague's presentations at ASH23, and engaging in opportunities to educate his peers.

Ajay Major, MD, MBA (@majorajay)Dr. Major is a member of the Lymphoma Faculty @CUhematology and a quality of life researcher. Very creatively, he shared a tweet thread supporting his #ASH23 Abstract Presentation on Quality of Life in CAR-T patients. He shares high quality tweets with excellent images of relevant slides and an organized summary of the trial results. His consistent and effective tweets placed him among the leading Digital KOLs at #ASH23. He's also a leader of the L-THORs research organization.

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH (@VPrasadMDMPH) Dr. Prasad, Professor @USCF is among the most outspoken and engaging Digital KOLs across Medicine. He frequently discusses and criticizes Pharma sponsored data in Hematology/Oncology and is very critical of the CDC driven response to COVID-19. He weighed in on many discussions during ASH23, significantly boosting the reach of his #ASH23 peers. He shared his thoughts on the use of CAR-T in Myeloma, shared a tweetorial on the use of PFS or MDS as surrogate endpoints for FL and CL, and criticized the ethics of uncontrolled  smoldering myeloma clinical trials